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How to Start a Blog?

Are you interested in starting a blog, don’t worry. Today is the day to start a blog! Follow the below given guide and within 15 minutes, you will be ready with your blog.

I will help you to avoid all the costly mistakes that generally people do.

There are two ways to start a blog: 

Hire a Professional: Hire a web designer who will do all for you, he/she might make your work lengthy and ask for a lot of money for a simple and easy task.

Do it yourself: Yes, you can do it yourself, no need to spend a single penny to any developer. Through this guide even a 10 years old kid can start a blog.

How to start a blog

Basic Steps to Start a Blog:

Start your Blog through WordPress that would be both functional and beautiful . WordPress is the standard blogging software who has over 60 million users. All the famous and big blogs are on the same platform even “Facebook” blog is on WordPress, similarly “Fortune.com, Ted.com, Time.com” etc.. It is the blogging platform which we are using for our blog as  well (“http://howtomakeblog.org/). For your blog to be start you need to follow these steps mentioned below. Now let’s start:

Three Basic Steps to Start a Blog:

  1. Get a Simple Domain Name (Which is meaningful and easy to remember) and Hosting
  2. Install WordPress
  3. Install a Theme from WordPress to Start a Blog

1.) Get a Simple Domain Name and Hosting to Start a Blog

To search for a domain name is very interesting part of the system. As you start to think like as you have to give name to your baby. You become possessive with every single thought of the domain name with smile.

Domain name needs to be short, memorable & should typically end with .com (E.g: www.yourblogname.com). It could cost you free if you choose Bluehost for hosting. That part makes bluehost interesting.

Bluehost– It is affordable, reliable and easy to set up, 24/7 free customer support. It’s the inexpensive way to host websites. If you didn’t get satisfied with the services of Bluehost, then it gives you 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

How to Choose Your Bluehost Plan?

  • Choose Your Plan: Get the “Basic” plan, which is the least expensive & offers everything you need to get started. Initially make your costing as less as you could make, it keeps you motivating.

How to start a blog

  • Choose Your Domain Name: Get a free domain name for a year.  If you already have a domain name, then select the right side option.
  • How to start a blog
  • Choose your Add-On: You can start with the “Basic 12 Month Plan” initially by paying some lump sum cheap amount.

How to start a blog

P.S: You can go for domain privacy protection which will make sure your personal address is kept private. Otherwise, your personal details will be accessible to all marketers. But in real, initially it is not required so why to waste money.

  • Create Your Account: Fill all the required information, please make sure you are putting correct “Email Id”. Then follow the general instructions.

How to start a blog

  • All Is Done: Now all is set and you are good to go. Sometimes it asks for verification on Email, so please take care of that. Now let’s move to the next step, Install WordPress.

2.) Install WordPress to Start a Blog: 

As we have completed the Signup/Registration process with Bluehost. Now login into the bluehost, its time to install WordPress. Go to the “Website” section and select “Install WordPress”.

How to start a blog

Now select your assigned domain through “Select Domain” drop-down and let the directory option be blank.

P.S: Directory option should be empty.

How to start a blog

Now click “Next” and move to the next level, fill all the information and please verify again each and every detail.

How to start a blog

Now select “Install” button and go ahead. As installation is going ahead it might take few minutes. Click on the “here” option, when the installation get finished.

How to start a blog

Now you can see all your login details. Follow the url and by putting the same User Name & Password you will be able to login into the wordpress.

How to start a blog

Now Login into WordPress by entering the valid details.

How to start a blog

Now you are almost done, just select a theme according to your requirement and go ahead. For installing a theme you have to go to “Appearance-> Themes” .

How to start a blog

3.) Install a Theme from WordPress to Start a Blog

It will give you a look, feel and functionality of your website. Now the fun part is going to start. WordPress theme will give your site fantastic look. So, pick a good theme. There are so many free themes, select anyone and install. There are paid themes as well it is on your desire and requirement through which option you wanna go on. But our recommendation is initially go with the free theme.

Bingo! By clicking install button, your website is live. Be happy and make your first post!

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